Monday, December 20, 2021

Here I Talk A Little Bit About Timing.

Namely, why now. There are reasons for that. 

The issue of shifting balance is an extremely important one, defining really, and some people in D.C. know the real score. EU is lost and the fact that Russia will not negotiate anything on the defunct Russia-NATO Council platform, nor within utterly useless OSCE is a solid indicator that Russia doesn't play these games anymore. Many people fail to understand that what we are witnessing is just the first act of drama in which Russia put on proper gloves not to allow a slimy eel to slip out of a deadly grasp. I will repeat again (myself, I hate myself for sounding like a parrot, but this is important)--the outcome of a systemic crisis of Western liberalism is not in doubt--financial capitalism is dying not just institutionally, it is already dead metaphysically. The history simply ran out for it. In some ironic sense IT IS the End of History.

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