Monday, November 29, 2021

Wrapping Tests Up For 3M22.

Yet another Zircon has been launched in the White Sea by Admiral Gorshkov and it hit the target more than 400 kilometers away (in Russian). The missile is already in serial production so the Russian Navy has many New Year presents coming its way. TV Zvezda already reported on it:

But this is not what is interesting in Russia nowadays. Dmitry Medvedev (remember him?) stated something which Russians want to hear, and, if fact, already see the government reacting to ethnic crime--primarily by Russia's Muslim Caucasus "representatives" and Middle Asia migrants who are being now shown that Sharia and unmotivated aggression are not practiced in Russia proper. Some people speculated that this Medvedev's statement is an attempt to put himself back on the electoral map of Russia. I don't think so. I think he is just trying to do his job.

МОСКВА, 29 ноября. /ТАСС/. Российские власти не должны допустить возникновения на территории страны этнических анклавов. Об этом на совещании о проблемах реализации миграционной политики РФ и задачах по повышению ее эффективности заявил заместитель председателя Совета безопасности РФ Дмитрий Медведев."Нужны дополнительные меры, которые позволят иностранцам лучше адаптироваться в нашей стране. Нельзя допускать их изоляции, как это, к сожалению, происходит во многих странах мира, и маргинализации, возникновения на территории нашей страны этнических анклавов", - подчеркнул Медведев. Заместитель председателя Совета безопасности констатировал, что "примеров такого рода анклавов в мире предостаточно". "И все они являются рассадниками преступности", - подчеркнул он.Он призвал уделять внимание диспропорциям, возникающим в связи с внутренней миграцией населения между регионами РФ.

Translation:  MOSCOW, November 29. / TASS /. The Russian authorities must prevent the emergence of ethnic enclaves on the territory of the country. Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev stated this at a meeting on the problems of implementing the migration policy of the Russian Federation and the tasks of increasing its effectiveness. "Additional measures are needed that will allow foreigners to better adapt in our country. We must not allow their isolation, as, unfortunately, in many countries of the world, and marginalization, the emergence of ethnic enclaves on the territory of our country," Medvedev stressed. The Deputy Chairman of the Security Council stated that "there are plenty of examples of this kind of enclaves in the world." "And they are all breeding grounds for crime," he stressed. He urged to pay attention to the imbalances arising in connection with the internal migration of the population between the regions of the Russian Federation.

First and foremost: ANY ethnic enclave is always in part or whole is involved into ethnic organized crime. Always, 100% of the time. It is especially true for Muslim population which is first generation from their native lands and are transferred from some village (aul) with its tribal culture aggravated by Sharia to such country as Russia. For some Tajik labor-immigrant or Dagestani (even if Russian citizen) 18-20 year old transplant from primitive conditions of mountain village appearing in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg or Vladivostok with their liberties, nightlife, urbanizm, glitz and many beautiful seemingly available (meaning not-dressed into burka) girls often is a cultural shock of massive scale. But old traditions die slow and here is the example. Few Dagestani "men" beat the girls in Astrakhan after they pointed out to them that putting their feet on the table is wrong. They beat them severely. 

You don't need to know Russian. 

Now look at how Russian Police deals with these people when taking them in. Guess what? Public support is overwhelming.

You just don't beat women because your custom tells you that they are below you--not in Russia, where women are revered as wives, mothers and friends and, frankly, have more rights than men. It is all good. Evidently, Russian government, not to mention an overwhelming majority of Russia's populations, had it and they act. Remarkably, in my life I had a variety of positive experiences with Russian Azeris, Dagestan natives (there are many ethnicities there), Chechens and others who were transplants to Russia but who were fully integrated, spoke excellent Russian, worked in respectable jobs (doctors, teachers), loved Russian culture and were for all intents and purposes Russians who didn't lose their ethnic flavor. 

That what Medvedev's statement is all about. You want to live in Russia? Well, when in Rome do as Romans do. And Russians, unlike French, German and other EU lefty traitors of their own culture and nations are ready to enforce their way of life in their own country which is the way of civilized modern society which also loves own culture. You don't see the United States in this list for a reason--it is both blessing and tragedy of America, which was consumed in cities by homicidal "progressive" lack of culture but whose country-side (America which I personally love) is armed and still holds some natural values dear to them and is ready to shoot. Maybe there is a hope in this readiness, even when it is sometimes somewhat misguided.

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