Friday, November 19, 2021

Some Really Peculiar News.

Apart from great news of Kyle's acquittal, which is a victory for law and order and which also demonstrated that US MSM (euphemism for Democratic media machine) is a clear and present danger to remaining islands of American freedom and law, not to mention the fact that MSM is a collection of human trash, there is something which is really peculiar. Recall, few days ago I said that Russia would supply the US if necessity arises as it was the case with ice bound Nome in Alaska in 2012 with whatever will be needed in a heart beat again. Guess what. 

Anyone who thinks that this is some sort of "charity" on Russia's part, think again. First, it's good for business, second--you do not allow people to freeze, period. That is why Russia filled European gas reservoirs recently, and now gets fuel which is needed to cap the insane gas prices at the East Coast, which automatically translate into all kinds of disruptions of energy for heating. US establishment may well be packed with hostile ass-holes, but Russians never viewed regular American folks like that. 

Vortexa analysts highlighted that Russian producers have been ramping up production of a diesel that is dependent on a feedstock extracted from costly natural gas. Flows from the Russian Baltic port of Primorsk are reportedly expected to reach their highest level since at least 2016. “Russia is better positioned to supply diesel than other refiners in Europe because of its access to cheap natural gas,” Clay Seigle, a managing director for Vortexa in Houston told the agency. “It’s very rare we’d see volumes this large coming to the East Coast,” the expert added. Retail prices for diesel in the US East Coast have soared to being the costliest in seven years, with distillate inventories in the region down by nearly a third from levels recorded earlier this year. Demand for the fuel is expected to further grow as logistics companies are intensively working to catch up on backlogs that built up due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In the end, Russia is NOT interested in any kinds of economic disruptions which lead to political instability. The United States is already nearing the state of economic stasis due to mindless economic policies of the last 20+ years, suicidal cultural practices and "anthropological climate change" fraud. Russia doesn't like it; to see a nuclear superpower, however diminishing with each passing day, nearing chaos and upheaval is not in Russia's plans. And, of course, you will hardly find this news in the US MSM and if they will make it there you can bet your ass on the fact that it will be presented as Russia's nefarious plans and desire to influence the US. 

In the same time, the US Congress is busy with "working for American people" and are getting busy with this:

This is the level of the US political "elites". Let US Congress adopt this resolution and see what happens.  As you may have guessed it, two clowns who introduced this resolution are both lawyers and are, effectively, yet another iterations of Eddie Barzoon of Devil's Advocate fame. Classic law-electoral political animals who never worked a day in their life in a productive capacity. So, there you go. 

In other related news. I may not condone US foreign policy and wars, in fact I am openly opposed to them--but this is fvcking disgrace. Utter shame, this is how America treats her soldiers she sends to die for egos of US politicians and quarterly financial reports to shareholders of the US Military-Industrial-Political-Media Complex.

As US Troops and Families Go Hungry, They Don’t Trust the Pentagon for Help. 

What can I say, as long as shareholders are happy...

Feeding America says there isn’t one cause of hunger among military families, with low salaries for enlisted members, high rates of unemployment for military spouses, and high costs of child care contributing to the broader problem. For many families, causes stack up, weaving a web of hardship that is difficult to escape. But the cost of housing plays an outsized role, Vince Hall, Feeding America’s head of government relations, told in a phone interview. “It's shocking to see military families lining up for food assistance because they are often stationed in some of the nation's most expensive housing markets but lack the compensation necessary to live in those markets,” Hall said.

I have a solution, but freeloaders in Congress will not like it--after all this song has no expiration date. 

Wars change, fat cats continue to get richer and more self-righteous.

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