Thursday, July 22, 2021

On The Run. I Got Beaten To It.

For years I wrote about the so called American "conservatism" in a sense that it is nothing more than a simulacrum, a hologram to be presented to generally decent but grossly mis-educated segment of America which votes for GOP thinking that it is a "conservative" party. Two years ago I wrote:

...until nation, as in American nation, recognizes itself as a nation, as people who have common history, culture and mission, thus, inevitably producing this aforementioned healthy social and cultural norming--no amount of wishful thinking or social-economic doctrine-mongering will help. There is no United States without European-keen, white Christian, heterosexual folk, both with acutely developed sense of both masculinity and femininity, period. But this is precisely the state of the affairs which American "progressives" are fighting against; this is the state of the affairs which they must destroy be that by imposition of suffocating political correctness, the insanity of multi-gender and LGBT totalitarianism, or by criminal opening of the borders to anyone, who, in the end, will vote for the Democratic Party. You cannot negotiate with such people. In the end, WHO is going to negotiate? A cowardly, utterly corrupt, current GOPers and geriatric remnants of Holy Reaganites? Really? Ask how many of them are Mossad assets and are in the pockets of rich Israeli-firsters and Gulfies? 

Even earlier, more than six years ago I identified the problem:

Since then, I write about a caricature, which American "conservatism" is, non-stop. I acquainted myself with a large body, mostly contrived and of low intellectual value, of modern American conservative "thought" and I could not find there anything conservative because most of this "thought" is anything BUT conservative. It is a classical neo-liberal BS whose ONLY purpose is to protect economic status quo of American corporatism (a euphemism for oligarchy) and most GOPers will shit their pants when asked to define what core of the American nation is, how it is formed and what is to be done to preserve, to conserve that is, this nation which, in the end, comes down to preservation of people as bearers of the culture. Average American "conservative" scholar's idea of preservation of culture is reduced to fighting "big government" and "taxes" of "working Americans", who, strangely, are doing just fine under the present ones. Obviously, the other MUST for the US conservative is Christian (that is, pseudo Christian) Zionism and militant neo-conservatism, which defines primarily insane foreign policy views of US "conservatives" and has become an imperative for any GOPer in order to advance inside convoluted American political establishment. 

Somebody begins to notice that, such as Michael Warren Davies, who beat me to writing a book on US "conservatism" and posted this in TAC yesterday: 

Ah, yes, this is warmer. Hey, at least he admits there never was a movement--that's a good start. I have a news for him--there are very few conservatives too. Because to have a conservative movement you need to define nation, which GOP cannot (too many cowards dependent on re-elections), neither can its "academe" which will never state that remove American primarily white (European roots) working class, which GOP loves to betray, and you have no country. Of course, there many African-Americans  and Hispanic people who share large portions of classic Christian creed and want to be associated with cultural and economic heritage of the Western Civilization and accept European pillar of the modern America's founding. Many do understand that, sadly--many don't. Democrats attack precisely this point and succeed immensely, doing so. What the so called American "conservatives" do?  Davies notes:

Ahhh, finally! Catharsis! For starters, counting fundamentalist Zionist and demagogue Ben Shapiro for American "conservative" is risible, his first concern is Israel and Judaism. But then again, only in American "conservative" circles can a guy who dedicated his life to promoting gay-marriage and posting ads for unprotected sex with HIV-positive men, could be considered "conservative". I am talking about Andrew Sullivan, of course, who, as most modern Western political "thinkers" from "humanities" universe, know many people who invented a lot of nonsensical philosophical and political theories and quote them, but who wouldn't know the difference between metrology and meteorology, or, for that matter, between shit and shinola. 

But at least Davies gets this, finally, and I will interpret it for everyone: America is a post-Christian country, period! Stop, God damn, getting around quoting Bible to people who long ago think in a completely different framework and do not give a shit about, nor know intricacies of geopolitics, real economy, foreign relations, culture, religions and war. They are the products of an utterly failed humanities "education" field in the West taught by radical and ignorant Ph.D. demagogues who still try to relive the 1960s in the breaks between taking Cialis and smoking pot, and who know for sure one large thing in a Hedgehog tradition: we will sooner see actual Alien contact than Second Coming of Christ. Sadly, they are not wrong on this one. It is difficult to take evangelical biblical invocations seriously in times of space travel, nuclear energy, internet and the discovery of Higgs boson and black holes three billion light years away from Solar System. And guess what, those intellectual freeloaders have a good time demolishing this whole American "conservative" mini-universe, together with morality and normality which is defined not by Bible but a sociocentric human instinct uploaded to us by tens thousand years of human civilization in an effort to provide for the survival of the species. Go, try to preach this to any "conservative" evangelical church in the US. See what happens. And then, of course, there is economy and production of wealth.

How do you deal with this? Right, Wall Street--this is what American "conservatives" love. They love their stock options and thoughts of getting to heaven because they attend services every Sunday morning to affirm own self-righteousness. Obviously, epiphanies, such as the one which Marco Rubio experienced recently (I write extensively about it in my latest book) when discovered that most Americans don't share his exceptionalist view of America and, frankly, needed actual jobs which GOP played active role in shipping abroad, are rare. Any culture war which "conservatives" lose non-stop is meaningless when you are the one who sold your country to a highest, or, rather lowest, bidder. Now, go out and try to convince those people, those "deplorables", that you have their best interests in your mind. How do you start to prove it to them? By continuing shipping jobs overseas, by fighting wars for Israel or Gulfie satrapies, or by regime changing all over the globe while your people stand for hours in lines to food banks? You will lose it, again, as always and the reason for that is because you don't fight. That is American "conservatism", and it cannot be anything else, because it is a viable instrument in preserving the iron grip of American oligarchy on America's throat.

These are American GOPers and "conservatives" who are responsible for a strategic loss to the insane forces of America's liberal radicalism which are finishing country off as I type it, and these "conservatives" will never turn to actual problems of conservatism, because they are themselves nothing more than impediment to a conservatism which is based on fundamental principle once expressed by Russian genius, Mikhail Lomonosov--preservation of people. American so called conservatives cannot do that, because they are original liberals, they are representatives of ideology which, as brilliant Barnett, stated:

 … swift decline in British vigor at home and the failure to exploit the empire were not owing to some inevitable senescent process of history....That cause was a political doctrine.... The doctrine was liberalism, which criticized and finally demolished the traditional conception of the nation-state as a collective organism, a community, and asserted instead the primacy of individual. According to liberal thinking a nation was no more than so many human atoms who happened to live under the same set of laws.... It was Adam Smith who formulated the doctrine of Free Trade, the keystone of liberalism, which was to exercise a long-live and baneful effect on British power.... Adam Smith attacked the traditional “mercantilist” belief that a nation should be generally self-supporting. 

Expecting from American "conservatives" any real attempts, let alone sacrifices, to save the country is akin to putting the fox in charge of the security of a chicken coop in the evening expecting the morning number of chickens to be the same. You just cannot change the nature of the beast. Some thoughts on the run after reading the piece in TAC. Can you imagine Mitch McConnel with a sign "stop robbing the nation" in a front of the Wall Street. Of course you can't, neither can I. 

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