Wednesday, July 21, 2021

A Very Touching Gesture From Austria.

Austrian 10 year old kid Matthäus Brandstetter wrote a letter to Vladimir Putin in which he asked Russia not to give up on Europe. Here is Russia's Foreign Ministry summary of this letter at their Facebook page:

Ten-year-old Austrian Matthew Brandstetter has written a letter to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, which he sent through the ambassador of Russia to Austria. 🔹 We thank Matthew for this great and very interesting letter. Russia remains open to dialogue with anyone interested in working together for health, wealth and progress. 🔹 At the request of Matthew, we sent him a photo of the President of Russia including autograph, as well as some books about Moscow and Russia, which will definitely help him expand his knowledge of our country and deepen his knowledge of Russian. ✉️ 10-year-old Austrian Matthias Brandstetter wrote a letter to the President of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin, which he transmitted through the Ambassador of Russia to Austria. 💬 ′′ Dear Mr. President, I am very interested in Russia and started learning Russian ", the letter says. ′′ European countries and Russia are close neighbors who are economically connected to each other. I think that Russia and Europe should interact much stronger ". ′′ In Europe There are many people who are kind to Russia and would like a closer partnership with it ", writes the boy. But perhaps the main message of the appeal is ′′ Please do not lose faith in Europe ". 🔹 Thanks to the author for an interesting and very remarkable letter. Russia is still open for dialogue with all who are mutual interest in working together for general health, wellbeing and progress. 🔹 At the request of Matthias, a photo of the President of Russia was sent to him with a personal autograph. As well as several books about Russia and Moscow, which will also help him expand his knowledge about our country and improve the Russian language. 

It is a very touching gesture from a young Austrian kid, very reminiscent of a civil courage and humanity of another child, American Samantha Smith, whose letter to Yuri Andropov created a huge international resonance, made Russians fall in love with her, and her untimely death is still viewed by many as a "CIA hit-job". This time, however, the most touching aspect of Matthäus' letter is the request to "have faith in Europe". It is difficult to do today. Really difficult. Russians are aware of some segments of Europeans who are not Russia's enemies, some are close friends and partners, but sadly, Russophobia is modern Europe's MO and the only thing Putin and Russia's Foreign Ministry could say is, indeed, Russia's openness for any constructive dialogue. Constructive, being a key word and that is easier said than done, especially with people who are at the helm of EU bureaucracy.  

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