Friday, June 4, 2021


I was thinking, what does really convey the civilization which was lost and it occurred to me--men who were so manly that they were not afraid to wear long hair. After all, Jesus wore long hair and he did what most of us would never dare to do, you know Quo Vadis and things of this nature. The fountains of the masculinity and the testosterone. Today when I observe wussification of the West, I have to admit, these guys knew how to project masculinity and, while doing so, created some absolutely great music. 

Can you imagine modern Sweden rocking to the blond demi-gods and sex-symbols, who also happened to be great musicians, today? Nah. While the bunch of the youth today jumps to some shit made in laptops and the "groups" are nothing more than some cretins pushing buttons, I have to admit that my acquaintance with that, thank you my fiends who got me into this, was a revelation with Greta van Fleet restoring my faith in humanity with the Black Flag Exposition. 

This is what Rock-music is supposed to be and is supposed to sound like. Enjoy, it is Friday........

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