Friday, June 11, 2021

About The Eggs, I Mean Balls....

In Russian language words "eggs" and "balls" are interchangeable. E.g. during the WW II, the United States supplied through Lend-Lease huge volumes of egg-powder to Soviet Union and this powder, which saved countless lives from famine, became known on the street as Roosevelt's Eggs, but in Russian language it had a direct alternative interpretation as Roosevelt's Balls. It was tongue in cheek and warm joke but in Russia this eggs-balls interchange makes often for funny interpretations. Masha Zakharova knows this and her response to EU's foreign policy big honcho Josep Borrell about "breaking eggs" to make an omelette already became epic. 

And, yes, Zakharova has damn beautiful legs, I am sure she knows it and "she knows how to use them", quoting immortal rock classics by ZZ Top, diplomacy-wise.

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