Friday, May 7, 2021

Kazan Is In, Novosibirsk Is Next This Year.

SSGN of Project 885M Kazan has been officially transferred to the fleet today (in Russian).  

Similar SSGN Novosibirsk will be transferred to the fleet later this year. Thus bringing the number of operational Yasen (Granay)-class subs to 3, with 6 others being built to bring the whole class of such subs to nine. These are tremendously powerful ships and are capable of carrying all nomenclature of Russia's cruise missiles from Kalibrs and Onikses to Zircons. Strategic ramifications of these subs entering acting fleet are immense. I wrote about what these subs can do not for once, so there is no need to repeat it again. Similar SSGNs Krasnoyarsk and Arkhangelsk should join the fleet in 2022. Not bad for a country with the economy smaller than that of Texas;)))

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