Monday, May 10, 2021

China's Foreign Ministry Issues A Statement.

But first, remember this?

As I am on record non-stop, most of Western WW II and Soviet history is utterly solzhenitsified and, in general, falsified into a caricature which serves the only one purpose of whitewashing Nazism and removing West's collective responsibility for atrocity it committed in the East against primarily Slavs (and Jews). Few works of real history and of knowledge of the war in Europe are just that--few and far in between. Mostly, the field of "Russia Studies" is dominated by Vlasovite White Russian element (Solzhenitsyn and his ilk), escaped traitors with agenda (Rezun, aka Suvorov) or such propagandists as Anthony Beavor or altogether alternatively "gifted" ahistoric fantasy procurators such as David Irving. The last one is especially funny since recently Miroslav Morozov (a former naval officer and reputable naval historian) and his group of professional military historians simply demolished (in Russian) Irving's ridiculous assumptions (as usual produced primarily inside the mind of most "revisionist" pseudo-historians) about whole Caravan PQ-17 story, concocted by Irving, and Russian real historians (and former cadre officers, unlike Irving who never completed even basic university course in anything) de facto exonerated both Churchill and First Sea Lord Dudley Pound from ascribed to them guilt in a destruction of PQ-17.    

Why would Russians exonerate both Pound and Churchill? Ahh, the concept unknown in the West anymore, especially among the self-proclaimed "intellectual class"--the TRUTH. So, why is this important. Well, yesterday China's Foreign Ministry issued this interesting statement:

ПЕКИН, 10 мая. /ТАСС/. Китай будет вместе с Россией отстаивать итоги Второй мировой войны и защищать мир во всем мире. Об этом в понедельник на регулярном брифинге заявила официальный представитель МИД КНР Хуа Чуньин. "Неважно, как будет меняться ситуация в мире, Китай и Россия будут держаться вместе, решительно поддерживать друг друга, вместе защищать международную справедливость и беспристрастность", - сказала она. "В условиях COVID-19 и других серьезных изменений Китай продолжит работать с Россией и международным сообществом, чтобы отстаивать итоги Второй мировой войны и защищать мир во всем мире", - указала дипломат. Хуа Чуньин также отметила, что в Китае отметили "успешное проведение в России грандиозного военного парада по случаю 76-й годовщины Победы в Великой Отечественной войне". "Мы выражаем наши искренние поздравления в связи с этим", - резюмировала она.

Translation:  BEIJING, May 10. / TASS /. China will, together with Russia, defend the results of World War II and defend world peace. This was announced on Monday at a regular briefing by the official representative of the PRC Foreign Ministry Hua Chunying. “No matter how the world situation changes, China and Russia will stick together, strongly support each other, and together defend international justice and impartiality,” she said. “Amid COVID-19 and other major changes, China will continue to work with Russia and the international community to uphold the outcome of World War II and protect world peace,” the diplomat said. Hua Chunying also stated that China noted "the successful holding of a grandiose military parade in Russia on the occasion of the 76th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War." “We express our sincere congratulations on this,” she summed up.

There is no doubt that the combined West in its dying years will increase the opaque stream of pseudo-historical BS in order to blame everything on historic Russia (remember? Stalin=Hitler and so is Putin who also is Hitler) and will try desperately to find any excuse and rationalization for a clusterfuck which combined West created completely on its own. Plus, Western elites in general consider Russians to be subhumans anyway and bifurcate between outright visceral hatred and more "civilized" contempt. It is inherent in the cultural DNA of Western "intellectuals" and political "elites" and the more West will continue failing even at the basic tasks of running the economy and basic governance, the more Russians will be blamed for everything. Here is the latest example of this bipolar behavior, today.

Obviously, Russia, in the view of the American "elite", is this proverbial Schrodinger Cat which is simultaneously both not-guilty and guilty of whatever shit happens in the US. Sure, recall that Russians, in accordance to US big "intelligence" honchos, are not genetically normal people and I am sure James Clapper will be leading the planning process for concentration camps for Russian Americans once shit really hits the fan and we are not far from it. I am sure those will be located not far from the camps for those deplorables who voted for Trump in 2020 elections. Poor souls. 

But that is just the latest, but Chinese who lost 20 million people in WW II, obviously, also had enough, plus, as the latest events show, China is playing now big time for the actual military-economic alliance with Russia which could be formalized on paper. It seems that China, from what I gather from different sources among Sinologists, is really into this formalization, while admitting that the alliance exists de facto already. It does. This colossal plant is just one of many signs of Russia building up a support structure for China's rear. 

Russia's Eastward orientation is generally completed and those in EU who would want to survive they will have the doors open for them but only on conditions which Russia (and China) will set for them. As EU's foreign policy big honcho Borrell stated today: 

Translation: BRUSSELS, May 10. / TASS /. All EU member states believe that there is no need to aggravate relations with Russia after diplomatic scandals with the Czech Republic and Bulgaria. This was stated on Monday by the head of EU diplomacy, Josep Borrell, at a press conference following the meeting of the foreign ministers of the 27 countries of the community in Brussels.

As you can see yourself, West's structures today are utterly bipolar and as such are entirely non-agreement capable. Hey, I am sure Russians will be blamed for this too. 

A group of active French military personnel has published a new open letter to the country's president Emmanuel Macron, warning him of a "civil war" brewing in the country after all the "concessions" he's made to Islamism.The letter, published in the conservative Valeurs Actuelles magazine late on Sunday, strikes a similar tone to the message published by the same outlet last month. Unlike the previous one, which was signed by 25 retired generals and active-duty soldiers, the new letter is anonymous and is open for signing by the general public. As of noon on Monday, it had attracted over 100,000 signatures.The authors of the letter have described themselves as active-duty French soldiers, belonging to the younger generation of the military that saw actual combat over the past years."We are what the newspapers have called 'the fire generation.' Men and women, active soldiers, of all armies and of all ranks, of all opinions, we all love our country. These are our only claims to fame. And while we cannot, by law, express ourselves with our face uncovered, it is equally impossible for us to stay silent," the letter reads.
The West is completely broken. It hasn't lived in reality in decades, its "elites" are utterly incompetent and alleged "intellectual class" is down right stupid producing mostly strategic, history, arts, philosophy, thought and economic trash. What it took to expose that? Few wars, few economic crises and few other events against the background of broadband internet and global exchange of information. It is a wasteland which still tries to hide behind once attractive glitz of economic prosperity and virtue-signalling. Not anymore. It learned absolutely nothing from the wars of the 20th century and that only underscores my point. They are not that smart. 

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