Thursday, March 4, 2021

Highly Likely To Pass. Soft Power Related.

Just yesterday we discussed a disastrous situation with the American youth in terms of its gender identity, and here is news form Russia today by Ria. State Duma, during the conference on support of family and family values in Russia, proposed in Resolution to:

В резолюции (имеется в распоряжении РИА Новости), в частности, предлагается внести изменения в закон "Об информации, информационных технологиях и о защите информации" и установить запрет пропаганды смены пола, запрет пропаганды бисексуализма, трансгендерности (транссексуализма), полиамории (гражданские браки с множественностью партнеров). Кроме того, участники конференции настаивают на ужесточении административной ответственности за пропаганду нетрадиционных отношений, а также введении запрета символики ЛГБТ в государственных учреждениях.

Translation: In (Duma's) Resolution (Ria News has it), in particular, new changes are proposed for the law "About information, information technologies and protection of information" and introduce the ban on propaganda of bisexualism, transgenderism (transsexualism), polyamory (civil unions with multiple partners). Moreover, participants of Conference insist on tightening of administrative responsibility for propaganda of non-traditional relations, plus introduction of a ban on LGBT symbols in state institutions. 

Considering the fact that this conference was held on initiative of the United Russia party, which dominates both houses of Russia's Parliament, it is clear that this will become law soon. As very many in Russia are already saying--finally. I can only imagine hysterics in US Congress and media. Same goes for Europe. Iron Curtain 2.0 is needed. 

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