Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Andrei Raevsky (The Saker) Wrote A Review.

Excellent one at that. You can read it either on his web resource or at Unz Review. 

I am profoundly grateful for Andrei's excellent piece. When read at Unz his review also is accompanied by commentaries by different visitors of Unz, which provide an excellent illustration to why any serious attempt to change the angle at the world at large and at history is bound to fail in the US whose public intellect today is constrained by a very few narratives, most of which dominate public mind and are utterly false from any scientific or common sense point of view. Even among people who do feel and experience many things going wrong in the United States. Andrei also makes an excellent point:

I would also add that those Russians who write books and articles desperately trying to warn the people of the US of real catastrophe taking place do that not because they are hostile to the United States, but precisely because they are sympathetic to the people of the US. The flag-waving pseudo-patriots who accuse these Russians of being “anti-American” simply don’t understand the “evil Russians” they hate so much (mostly because modern Russia under Putin has been fantastically successful, in spite of sanctions, threats, subversion, etc., while the US is in agony – that is why these folks are willing to believe anything bad, no matter how self-evidently stupid, about Russia and/or Putin).  

I recently pointed out that how can I experience a schadenfreude about a demolition of the county which was out home for more than 25 years? One has to be a complete mental and moral case to enjoy that. Yet, there is no denial that US "elites" betrayed Americans who do constitute the load bearing structure of this country. I have no pity to the swamp. And here is one thing which is worth paying attention to. Recent gender identity poll conducted by Ipsos revealed this: 

These are terrifying numbers for Generation Z. The generation on which the future of the country depends. Make your own conclusion. I will continue about Soft Power in coming days related to this unfolding tragedy. Yet, I would never have expected that my latest book which is yet to be released is already a number one release (on Amazon) in a category I never considered myself an expert--Political Economy. What do ya know. 

The book hit yesterday respectable numbers not far from the top 3,000 books nationally and it is a surprise for me, considering a gigantic US book market. A pleasant one, albeit, I am sure, in coming weeks the main question which will be asked of me (actually, already) is: what are your suggestions to us, "deplorables"? What can we do? My answer to it is extremely simple: right now, practically, very little but you can start with educating yourself. It is not easy but it must be done. As Russian military saying goes: if you are warned, that means you are armed(c).

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