Tuesday, February 16, 2021

No Shit, Geniuses. Pardon My French.

And this was a surprise exactly for who? Mind you, same crap is happening in Europe too, especially in "green" Germany whose ass is being saved right now by good ol' coal, oil and gas. if not, Germany would freeze solid.

And yes, when it snows--there is no Sun. But, I guess, climate "activists" in  the West most of who have education level of Greta Thunberg and, primarily, from humanities field, such as "mighty" political scientists and public relations, have issue with grasping basic concepts of "science", which, usually, is not a problem for kids in normal middle schools, where they actually teach them, not indoctrinate. Morons who would still defend wind turbines--I am not against wind, per se--being illiterate, evidently do not understand that maintaining those turbines, including their idling during deep freezes, involves... electricity expenditure from other, "dirty" sources, because turbines need to stay warmed and require maintaining electric power to some crucial aggregates in order for them not to... freeze. Try to explain this to any "climate activist" or Hollywood "star" with barely high and acting school being their highest level of "education". Good luck. Idiocracy is unfolding in front of our eyes. 

Right now there are more than 4 million people in Texas alone who are freezing and some are, sadly, dying because the United States didn't have people with electrical engineering and energy degrees dominating public discussion on climate in ages. It is simply not required, because we all know that in our world all you need for things to happen is to imagine and voila'--they happen. No wonder literature scene for youth is absolutely dominated by fantasy novels. Just wish for things and everything will be OK and the electricity will start flowing to the wall sockets. It is so simple... 

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