Saturday, January 30, 2021

How The End Looks Like.

You know my stance on the ACT/SAT "testing". It is primarily IQ-driven shit which ignores knowledge as such and "tests" kids on the level of the 8-9th grade level of public school in any developed country. Academically, these tests as far as math is concerned is a complete BS. But no worry. 

The sudden explosion in demand for these and other big-name schools is another ripple effect of the coronavirus pandemic that could reshape college admissions for many years to come. The pandemic has given huge — and in some places, decisive — momentum to a movement to reduce or even eliminate the use of admissions testing at highly competitive colleges and universities. That, in turn, has lured more applicants to the upper tier of the market. U-Va. and Harvard were among a large bloc of schools that temporarily suspended their requirements for SAT or ACT scores because the public health emergency prevented many college-bound students from taking the exams. Students could choose whether to send scores to these schools under a policy known as “test-optional.” … Harvard said Friday it will be test-optional for one more year — covering those who are now high school juniors — and reiterated that those who do not submit scores “will not be disadvantaged in the application process.”

So, basically the idea is simple. Let's dispose of testing, pathetic as it always was, altogether as UC-Berkeley did. Wow, the steep dive towards Idiocracy is now a free fall. While such backgrounds as "poetry" or "political science" hardly require any serious cognitive abilities, let alone knowledge of anything of substance, I cannot conceive how the acceptance to engineering, medical and fundamental with natural sciences will proceed from this point? We already had the instance of the plane which was "designed by clowns and supervised by monkeys". Now, what? A heart surgeon performing surgery with a shovel and a crowbar? An engineer with the ability to design... nothing? I am sure the racial and gender quotes will be satisfied as will be alternatively gifted students. I know the degrees in this, whatever it is, do exist already. 

Board Card and Role Playing Games Major. Description: A program that focuses on the rules and techniques of participation and skill-building in competitive activities of skill or chance, such as board games, card games or role-playing activities.

I am not sure what is it, but it kinda has a whiff of those Law Degrees from COSTCO. Probably degree in furthering already wide-spread psychosis and other psychiatric and social disorders among many who are addicted to alternative reality of internet and gaming. Great. It is clear that education in the United States as such is being destroyed, ranging from kindergarten to colleges and universities, but to see it turning to shit and a bona fide third (or fourth) world cesspool with such a speed is absolutely stupefying. 

Remarkably, this insanity is directly related to Putin's Davos speech recently. A lot has been said about it but it has to be understood that at the core of what Putin proposed is a world which actually, apart from being built around common sense, requires a great deal of multi-aspect competencies, among which actual education from the earliest age to university graduate degrees is an absolute must. Otherwise the new world is impossible. That means only one thing--meritocracy, which is a euphemism for achievement judged by the strictest and long-ago established and reliable criteria free from any political agenda. There is no alternative to it, none whatsoever. Otherwise, it is a descend into this. 

You know what I mean.    

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