Monday, December 7, 2020

In Oregon She Will Probably Get Promoted.

She, certainly, will become (if not already) a meme, but Oregon (and Washington) are full of this kind of wome... I mean whatever these types identify themselves with nowadays, and this "teacher" has a bright future in her line of work bringing up and "teaching" children. She is a role model and, I am sure, she graduated some liberal arts college, where she excelled in gender studies, or queer studies or whatever "studies". She is a perfect epitome of a Pacific Northwest which, together with other American coastal localities, claim the title of America's "intellectual" hubs. Hey, give her, it, this, whatever she is, a break--she was addressing today, surprisingly, some Oregon protesters against the lock-down. After all, here "students are dying", no really--America needs to review its attitude towards insanity, not that it is not a new normal. America's mental health is a serious concern. 

Oh boy, her, it's, this' huswife is a lucky... it, this ah...whatever. The girl should try for educational secretary in Biden's Admin. Or as an anchor at CNN.   

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