Saturday, August 15, 2020

On The Issue Of Used Condoms.

You know that my characteristic of Lukashenko is pretty straightforward--I define him as a used condom. But this is just me, I don't have access to high power corridors of Russia. Vladimir Zhirinovsky, however, due to him being a court jester, has. Looks like our opinions on Lukashenko are closely matched. 
Prominent Russian politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky has compared Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko to an unwanted girl looking for someone to marry, claiming that he is courting Russia, Poland, the EU, and the US.Zhirinovsky, the leader of Russia’s right-wing LDPR, explained that Lukashenko is in a “difficult situation,” like “a girl of marriageable age” who is entirely undesired.
As I already stated, the only way for Belarus to survive as a Belorussian entity, despite Russians and Belorussians being essentially the same people, is to join Russia in a genuine unified state, initially as confederation and then as a subject--Krai, Region what have you. For that, Belarus, whose economy, despite support from Russia for decades, is pretty much a basket case, needs to convince Russia to take on economic balance more than 9 million people and a shitload of economically nonviable companies. And I am talking about Belarus and Belorussians, not about Lukashenko who is done as a viable player--a common fate for people who have no principles other than satisfaction of lust for power by any means. 
Now Lukashenko calls Moscow, talks to Putin and suddenly recalls that Belarus is a member of a unified state, which he himself sabotages for a decade, and lo and behold, suddenly Lukashenko states that Russia will help Belarus upon first request (in Russian) because... well, he suddenly feels the love and is ready to do anything just like any prostitute who sees a wealthy client. But, of course, what Putin told him to do will never be fully known but something tells me that it is not up to Lukashenko and his incompetent state security apparatus how the dealings will proceed from here.
Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko on Saturday issued an appeal to long-term ally Russia as he faced growing pressure to step down following a disputed election that has triggered protests at home and condemnation abroad.
Lukashenko is a typical political prostitute and Putin knows that. Rumor has it that some Russian "forces" are already on the move. As Russian modern saying goes: if you don't want to talk to Lavrov, you will talk to Shoigu. In the end, Lukashenko surrounded himself with a bunch of crooks on a payroll of Western NGOs and, likely, intelligence services. He did it completely on his own volition and, depending on the outcome of current events, if the "deal" with Russia will come down to actual integration, he should be removed and given some symbolic posts as a honorable chief of Kremlin's housekeeping. And even this position could be too high for him. After all, nobody needs used condoms. Just ask Yanukovich.

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