Saturday, July 4, 2020

Very Appropriate.

I learned today (again) that, in accordance to Donald Trump America defeated Nazis, overthrew Fascists and Communism and all that while preserving some values. Whatever those values are--I am trying to figure out, which of them were actually "preserved." The comments section to this piece by CBS on Youtube is very telling and one of the "values", a rational thinking that is, which allegedly was "preserved", is nowhere to be found there. But hey, it is 4th of July and pathos and teeny-weeny (wink, wink) exaggerations are all part of the menu. Of course, the values the United States, allegedly "preserved" while battling millions of Axis forces at Moscow, Rzhev, defeating them at Stalingrad, Kursk and placing Old Glory over Reichstag in May 1945, somehow made it into the new Russia's Constitution on this very same day of July 4th--aren't Russians great at stealing America's thunder? 

But 4th of July reality in America is pretty sad. The country is ungovernable and, probably, never will be again in its present form and here is the catch. The United States needs to fight China now. Recall what I wrote about Trump's grand idea of  creating a new G-7/11 couple of months ago. 
Today we have an answer: Russia is not interested. In fact, Russia declined an invitation. As First Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov stated today--the whole idea of seven-eleven is "flawed", but reality is, in Russian language it is slightly stronger than mere "flawed". It is more damaged than merely flawed--but have fun finding synonyms to the term ущербный (copy and paste). Here is English version of Ryabkov's points as was articulated by me couple of moths ago. Plus, do not forget, the anti-Russian hysteria in the US--another one among few other hysterias the US experiences as I write this--reached fever pitch long time ago and stays there, courtesy of psychopaths from DNC and US cesspool aka US media. Now, it was "reported" that Russians put bounties on US soldiers in Afghanistan, I am sure upcoming "suiciding" of Epstein's number two Ghislaine Maxwell, in popular among Western (US included) "elites" sports of pedophilia and rape, will also be blamed on Russians. I am sure, at some point of time, Presidents' Lincoln and Garfield assassinations will have GRU/KGB/SVR hand found in them too

The United States is damaged goods, and while Russia remains, genuinely, open for a dialogue, any substance will be discussed only with people who have real power and are part of the reality based community. With the US it involves primarily the terms of surrender. North Koreans certainly think so. 
North Korea does not need to engage in talks with the United States, as a meeting would be nothing more than a “tool for grappling” with Washington’s “political crisis,” a senior Pyongyang diplomat said.First Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Choe Son-hui said negotiations between Pyongyang and Washington would not work out, and that there will be no change to North Korea’s position. She said the US is persisting with a “hostile policy” towards Pyongyang and that any approach from Washington would be a “shallow trick,” according to a statement published by North Korea’s KCNA news agency. 
I like neither North Korean regime nor a fat dude who runs things in that bizarre country, but they certainly nailed it here. Plus, what difference does it make between North Korea and the US which actively tries to emulate totalitarianism and, actually, begins to succeed. My good friend sent me this today. Amsoc is already here, guys:
Boeing communications boss Niel Golightly has resigned over a sexist article he wrote three decades ago opposing women’s service in the military. His exit leaves the embattled planemaker searching for a new top spokesman as it works to get its troubled 737 MAX jet flying again. Golightly stepped down Thursday as Boeing’s senior vice president of communications following an employee complaint about the 1987 article, which he called “embarrassingly wrong and offensive.”
Big Brother is watching you and it is just the start. In another sign of the end-times for "liberalism" (actually, neo-liberalism and totalitarian state it tries to produce to save itself) Rod Dreher (I know, of all people) suddenly experienced epiphany of sorts. Writing on new Russia's Main Armed Forces Cathedral he notices:
What an overpowering work of architecture. What troubles me about it, a bit, as an Orthodox Christian is that it is dedicated to military might. In the original plans — dropped under criticism — there were to be mosaics depicting Stalin and Putin, as well as celebrating the annexation of Crimea. Unlike many American Christians, I am divided internally about mixing nationalism with religion — but I do recognize that that view is massively ahistorical. I don’t judge the Russians on this; their cathedral is also a memorial to those who died in defense of the Russian homeland. No one who knows even the slightest thing about the way the patriotic Russians fought the Nazis, and how they suffered, can begrudge them something like this. I don’t bring it up in this context to argue about its appropriateness. Rather, I want to say that a nation that can build a monument like this to its God and to its greatness is a nation of immense depth and power. Could we build anything like this in America? Don’t be absurd. We don’t have the internal strength and imagination to do so. And therein lies a tale. We are a nation that allows scum to throw red paint onto statues of our Founders, and to pull down a statue of Union soldiers who died in a war to end slavery, and few if any of our leaders say a word.
Wow. For the first time I quote Dreher for his profound insight. A surprisingly good one. And a very relevant one on this Independence Day, for two different peoples. One gaining, other losing their independence. You decide which is which.   

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