Saturday, February 8, 2020

One Reaps What One Sows.

Out of the stream of mind-boggling news coming out of Europe, this one is, certainly, a stand-out: 
A “sustainability charge” on meat to cover its environmental damage could raise billions to help farmers and consumers produce and eat better food, according to a report. The levy, which would increase the price of a steak by about 25%, would be phased in over the next decade. The report focuses on EU countries and was produced for the Tapp Coalition of health, environment and animal welfare organisations. It says “fair pricing” for meat should be included in the forthcoming European “green new deal” and so-called farm to fork strategy. The report, produced by environmental research group CE Delft, analysed the costs of greenhouse gas emissions, other air and water pollution, and losses of wildlife associated with livestock production. It estimated that covering these costs would increase the price of beef by €0.47 (40p) per 100g. This would increase the cost of a 227g supermarket steak in the UK by about 25%.
The fact that this is a path to a complete implosion of European civilization, or, rather what's left of it--and we should know that civilizations need to feed own people--is obviously unknown to all European environazis. Meat and meat products are a symbol of a developed civilization. I'll give an example, be it in Tsarist Russia in 19th Century or even in post-Soviet 1990s genocidal times, many of Army recruits got acquainted with meat only when serving in the Armed Forces. To expand on this "picture", in 1990s many Russian recruits in the army had signs of dystrophia upon arriving to the their units, and, as many Russian officers went on the record that time, first 3-4 months of service for those poor malnourished recruits was the time when they were literally fed actively to bring them back from the verge of permanent health damage. As you may have guessed it already--the core of such a diet was meat and meat products. 

Now, what these cretins in EU are proposing, by raising the tax on the meat, is to de-facto remove vast swaths of economically struggling European population out of the class of meat-consuming public. I am not even talking about the impact this suicidal measure will have on farmers. If you think that this measure may not pass, think again--see Exhibit A of Germany (and France) who are wrecking their economies for the sake of "climate change" totalitarian cult. In the end, it all comes down to population reduction in order to "reduce" carbon emissions by means of thinning out this very population, literally. You, of course, can be absolutely assured that people who propose that will have enough financial wherewithal to treat themselves to a nice prime-rib or bacon, the rest--let them stuff themselves with wonderful, non-meaty, and very-very "healthy" products such as bread (eat it while you can, before they mow down wheat fields), cereal and seeds. Nothing says more about "progressive" civilization than a rich diet of soy milk, granola bars, cup of cereal and seeds for "deplorables". This diet is full of fiber and is so virtue signalling. And this is the big difference between Europe and US (and Russia). Try to take my God-given cheeseburger or rib-eye steak from me, you creeps, expect people with pitch-forks and Mossberg 12-gauge shotguns coming for your asses, even inside you gated communities. But to summarize it: Western world cannot produce anymore competent leaders and expect this continued assault on every single economic achievement of the Western world, among which stopping famines and affording meat-rich and tasty diet for overwhelming majority of Western people, is one of the most important ones. 

For the imbeciles from TAPP coalition I have a good proposition--kill you relatives, you ass-holes, turn them into the protein mass and eat them. I am sure technologies for processing EU (and US) environazis' bodies into delicious, high protein, bars are already in place. I think this whole environmental class must be processed into this, and the product force-fed to those who spawned this human abomination. Time to reap what has been sown.

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