Wednesday, October 16, 2019

A "Slow Warfare"...

Aka ASW (Anti-Submarine Warfare) and it seems that Sweden and her Navy just redefined it into an extremely slow and dubious warfare (ESDW). Svenska Dagbadet, which was extremely fast in 2014 to blame, who else, those damn Russians with their submarines trying to spy on Sweden, today had to comment on recent report on those elusive Russian subs in Baltic Sea:
Yeah, sure. Government is so secretive that it cannot disclose its sources--exactly the same way as Adam Schiff worries about his "sources" who provide for non-stop trash (aka "intelligence" in DNC's lingo) known as Russiagate, Ukrainegate, what have you, that, evidently, even Adam Schiff himself begins to doubt that such sources exist at all. At least Svenska Dagbladet had enough guts after so many years to admit today:
You know what usually follows after that, right?  
Hey, at least Swedish Navy got some moola over this "Russian anti-submarine warfare" episode. So, to hell with reputation, as long as a sweet gravy train runs for Swedish Royal Navy. But at least, as they say, better late than never and it took just a few years of "analyzing" this "data" to figure out that modern Russian subs and their systems  (including weapon ones) and C4ISR systems of modern Russian armed forces do not need any "violation" of Sweden's territorial waters if shit hits the fan. Last time I checked Russia's space based constellation and other means of surveillance provide sufficient enough information about whole Scandinavia thus removing any necessity (stupid as it is) to "violate" Swedish waters. Indeed, to do exactly what? To look into periscope as some gorgeous Swedish blondes (as Mattias Dalhstrom observed) drink vodka and go to sauna? I admit--tempting enough, but not to the point of inciting an international scandal. Russia has her own massive cluster of Ikeas and Volvo dealerships, which have to fight for their dear life against such monsters as Leroy Merlin and auto-giants such as Toyota, Hyundai and Renault. 

So, exactly, why would Russians need to violate not just Sweden's waters but simple common sense is beyond me. Truth is, at some point this anti-Russian hysteria will begin to consume its originators in earnest, as opposed to occasionally as of today, to the point of dismissal from public offices. No, not because Russia will have her long hands in it (and we know--Russia and Putin are omnipotent and omnipresent) but because one can BS oneself, and those who surround him (or her), only for so long before the whole things comes down crushing and IT IS already coming down crushing with grave consequences for what is known today as modern West. And if there will be no people who would have enough integrity and courage to say enough, then it merely meant to be and to hell with it. But Russians, of course, laughed at this whole Sweden affair since 2013 and it is as valid today as it was then. 

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