Friday, August 9, 2019

Fun Fact.

In accordance to TASS (in Russian) hyper-sonic complex Kinzhal (Kh-47M2) will be used at international competition Aviadarts-2019.   
The complex will be used during simulation of the tactical episode Aviamix, in which MiG-31Ks carrying Kinzhal, and escorted by MiG-31BMs, will annihilate "enemy's" air defense systems for provision of the use of ground-attack and close air support aviation. Hm, I wonder why such an unrealistic scenario (wink, wink)--it seems fetched. Nah, I am being facetious--the message is clear and it is damn serious. Those who need to know, already received this message. Meanwhile, I can totally imagine (I am one myself) huge swaths of arm chair strategists, analytical and intelligence communities globally salivating waiting for possible (???) shots of Kinzhal doing its Mach=10 thingy. This, I would love to see. 

In addition, SU-57s will conduct fighter escort for TU-22M3 and SU-34s during those launching missiles and bombs at targets. So, in general, to put it in simple language--this Aviadarts is about demonstrating one of the scenarios of annihilation of NATO's ABM and Air Defense systems in countries neighboring Russia.  Look at the list of participants: Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and, you guessed it, China. So, tomorrow, then.  

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