Tuesday, May 21, 2019

LOL, Amanda Macias Strikes Again.

On the other hand, this BS spreader from NBC and allegedly figure close to some US "intelligence" and defense circles (she is "stationed" in Pentagon and is most likely a shill), may have some point in a sense that the only way the US can sell its hi-end equipment is to bribe or threaten, in this particular case, Turkey. 
Amanda Macias is full of sh.t, which is expected from a person with degree in journalism, that is to say having no applicable education at all except for throwing shit at the wall and seeing what sticks. She was caught by Russian media (anyone who is interested can easily find those instances) with spreading an open BS, most likely concocted by her Pentagon and CIA "sources". But here, as I say, she may have some insight and insider track because the US is desperate for Turkey not to buy S-400, let alone SU-57. So, will see if this ultimatum will surface anytime soon, not that Turkey wasn't faced with US ultimatums before. But it is a crunch time because Erdogan was quite explicit about this whole deal. Now, knowing what US MSM and people who work for them are--you still have to take all that with a large grain of salt.  But yes, the closer the "deal" with S-400 the more desperate the United States will become--can you imagine a scandal when F-35 "capabilities" will turn....ah, you all know the score here. Anyone has a good bookie to bet on Turkey folding or otherwise;-))   

UPDATE 05/23/19. LOL! Oh, the drama.
“Nothing of that kind [has occurred] at the official level,” Turkish Deputy Foreign Minister Yavuz Selim Kiran said, “In March the US renewed its previous proposal on supplies of Patriot missile systems. Actually, we believe that this [media report] concerned this proposal.”
As I already mentioned it, Macias, who is nothing more than an ignorant media herald of all kinds of butt-hurt BS concocted in the deep recesses of whatever information operations org connected to Pentagon and CIA, was caught on several occasions with spreading a complete BS (in Russian) about Russian weapon systems. Again, some gal with the lack of any education (as I already stated--degree in broadcasting is not even an education) cannot possibly grasp a host of technical and operational issues related to weapons and the only thing she is good for is, yes, you guessed it already, spamming media environment with all kinds of "insider info", which is a euphemism for disinformation. 

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