Monday, November 5, 2018

Trump Is Not Racist.

I may, and justifiably so, criticize DJT, and there is a lot to be said about his style and world-view, but what Donald J. Trump is not for sure--he is not a racist, he is race realist. As am I, btw. 

Here is yet another belch of CNN on the issue of immigration.

But, whoever this deranged bimbo Navarro is, DJT is absolutely correct when he calls Salvador, let alone Haiti, shitholes--they are shitholes and they will never be anything else. And if this Navarro gal learned a bit about Mexico's immigration laws she would probably shut up about "racism"--the only trick American "progressives" know. Now, one day before mid-terms Democrats, who are responsible for turning the US into the increasingly multicultural cloaca, are desperate to do anything to prevent Trump's GOP retain majority in both houses. 

Republicans are disgusting, at least most of them, but at least they do not want to give up their own country to ethnic mafias immediately and if Navarro disagrees with this policy, she can go back to the shithole she came from to the US--the name of this shithole is Nicaragua and I am sure, political system and people there are not racist. Yeah, right. Navarro can wax moralistic whatever she wants but she lies when she puts on this insulted innocence look for the consumption of CNN audience. She should know, and she has degree in Latin American Studies (whatever that is),  that truth is very simple--with or without interference of the US historically, Latin America had never put its act together and for that there are many substantial reasons other than political and economic issues. She may take a look at Brazil, for warm up.

Trump knows, as know I, or anyone who doesn't drink "progressive" Kool Aid--no white christian America, no United States of America, which, for all its faults, has a lot of good in it still left too. Multicultural societies DO NOT work without core cohesive nation, otherwise--civil war and violent disintegration follow. For Navarro, who comes from Latin American background, term Balkanization means absolutely nothing, because she thinks that Latinization of the United States will be just dandy and all those "racists" (like Trump) will be driven out of power. Well, with that the ideology of political correctness, which forbids to call shitholes what they are, or which forbids viewing racial distribution and proportionality of violent crimes as FBI presents, or which forbids calling a spade a spade, will reign supreme, as it begins to happen now. I have some news for Navarro--Blacks in US do not really want to integrate, nor huge swaths of Latino population really care that much about integration (granted, they do still better than blacks)--this all precisely for the reasons of being "racist" but, somehow, nobody calls them that at CNN. So, whenever white person points out to his (her) own rights--it is racist, when blacks or Latinos want to reshape the United States in their own image which, frankly, is the end of the United States, it is OK. But it is not.

I also have some news for Navarro--nations are defined, among few prime things, also with their national borders which MUST be protected. So the march of this migrant "caravan"--an obvious dangerous provocation concocted in the inflamed minds of American "progressives" threatens to unleash an extremely damaging forces within the US. I said it many times before, I'll repeat it again--while GOP is the party of old money and is filled with scumbags (such as Navarro--a GOP "strategist"), who will wreak the country eventually anyway, they are still less dangerous in a short run than Democratic party and its "progressive" wing which has nothing, zero, to do with American Old Left. It is this party which sees NO value in America's white culture and history and it is this party which is plotting a violent demise of America by turning it into the battlefield of racial groups, with eventual clean up of white culture from the map and memory of a shithole which will emerge under the tutelage of new US. This is racist and it is also extremely dangerous but it is difficult to explain this to such ignorant bimbo as Navarro.  After all, why the man with intelligence on the orders of magnitude more powerful than Navarro's and who is absolutely NOT a "racists" speaks about the fate of white Christian America. 

UPDATE: Ahhh, things getting slightly clearer. Here is the deal:

New 'The View' Co-Host Has Been Announced

So, a collection of ignorant under-educated gals with zero skills who provide "social (or political) commentary". Sure, as much as Trump is headless, what's the difference when he is discussed by other unhinged and headless people. Boy, talk about lose-lose situation. Yep, Ana Navarro will be "commenting" there, I assume as "conservative", that is Latino open borders "conservative", which is not really a conservative or whatever other monikers are used nowadays in a confused and chaotic American "political commentary" universe. Sheer mad house.

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