Thursday, November 8, 2018

A Confusing World Of Labels.

So, this is how it goes now--one of the last remaining true American journalists and public thinkers is being accused of hate.
An anti-fascist group swarmed the Washington, D.C. home of Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson Wednesday night ordering him to leave town. In a video, shared on Twitter, the group, known as Smash Racism DC, can be seen crowding around the doorsteps of the Tucker Carlson Tonight host’s residence, holding signs. At one point the clip, a member of the group yells, “Tucker Carlson we are outside your home to protest fascism and racism,” through a megaphone. “You promote hate and an ideology that has led to thousands of people dying by the hands of the police to trans women being murdered in the streets,” the protestor continued. “Your policies promote hate and we want you to know we know where you sleep at night,” the protestor added before the crowd began chanting “Tucker Carlson, we will fight! We know where you sleep at night!”
I do not want to go into the political theory of Fascism and what it stands for but in an ironic twist, American so called ANTIFA is precisely a fascist group (mob) under the control of some higher positioned so called liberal nutjobs. First, I hope that the issue of threats to Carlson's family and him will be addressed by law enforcement but here is a real issue--most in those so called "anti-fascist" and "anti-hate" (LOL) groups in the US are, with some minor exceptions, a collection of young delinquents who think that they can start a revolution. And here is the problem, they don't understand that people who really care about preserving what's left of the US at this point can also easily learn where those ANTIFA activists live. What is most important, among those people, very many are people with actual military, intelligence and law enforcement experience and that brings forth purely tactical and operational issues--not political ones.

This "anti-hate" groups at some point point of time will spark something which will involve just a teeny-weeny more than shouting slogans, assaulting people and fighting children, and when the hell will break lose, together with inevitable loosening of "camaraderie" inter-group connections (acting in mob is always easier and less scary than standing your ground alone) with people who actually can shoot, kill and who actually know how to fight entering personal lives of all those "activists"--things will go down the hill for this fascist anti-fascist groups dramatically. As I stated not for once, while GOP is a pathetic joke for a political party with cowards (mostly) pretending to "serve" people, very rich and influential people, that is, Democratic party and its ideologists are fast becoming agents of chaos and, as James Kirkpatrick noted, a Post-American Party. As such, they should take a very careful look in the mirror and ask themselves a question what happens when they overreach.

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