Thursday, October 25, 2018

It Is The Devil You Know-III

A very interesting report on MC-21 by AirInsight. Analysis, however, presents MC-21's performance with Pratt and Whitney engines (even with those it is broadly superior), not with PD-14, which should improve performance even more. As analysis states:
The Report itself is expensive ($ 500) but they still provide the table:
Plus, makes this important conclusion: 
The MC-21 is the first of the next generation of narrow-body aircraft, competing primarily with re-engined models of aircraft that first entered service 51 and 29 years ago. 
It is a crucial distinction since MC-21 is the only fully new and thoroughly contemporary mid-range aircraft on the market, including its latest state-of-the-art composite wing and systems. This adds additional "angle" on the issue of Russian sanctions--nobody likes strong competitors. It is very clear where the arms market goes with Russia "coming out" with a whole new cluster of weapon systems. Now, commercial aviation? There are many unhappy campers out there. This market segment is the juiciest one.   

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