Tuesday, October 2, 2018

And She Huffs and Puffs.

In a continuous demonstration of US "elites" getting dumber with each passing minute, another former lawyer, TV reporter and, later, US Senator turned "diplomat"  comes out of the closet of mentally deranged and promises to bomb Russia. I kid you not. 
Kay Bailey Hutchison was speaking to reporters about a longstanding issue of contention, a Russian ground-launched cruise missile which Washington says breaks the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF).
Alrighty then, it seems they do have a contest on "dumb and dumber", with one cabinet member offering couple days ago to impose a sea blockade on Russia, now this. She went further though. Considering the fact that a lot of missile technologies R&D are done in and around Moscow "taking them out", considering a rather mediocre performances and ranges of current US TLAMs (not to mention the fact of very impressive air and missile defense around Moscow), the only way Kay Bailey Hutchinson will be able to have any chance on "taking out" Russian missiles will be to attack Moscow with nukes. That will require a substantial number of nukes. Of course, Russians in response will have no inhibitions of well... you know what. 

This whole fuss, mind you, is about the weapons which US initially labeled as myth. Morons in Washington Times go even further:
This whole "former Soviet Union" Freudian slip is very demonstrative of the intellectual "level" of people who formulate policies in D.C. and who are, for the most part, utterly unqualified for even basic mental and menial tasks but what do ya know--here we are. 

Desperation coming out of D.C. is palpable, apart from parading the US politics as a cesspool that it is around the world, globalists desperately need some victories, but those are very hard to come by and the swamp is hysterical. As I already stated, what happened on March 1st this year, with Putin's address to Federal Assembly was a complete reformatting of the world order with the tools which are simply beyond the reach of the United States. To counter them the US will have to spend enormous resources which she doesn't have. Now, Hutchinson wants to take Russian missiles out. Does she also want to take Brussels out, or Dallas? That is very easy to do, moreover, Russia can do it without any nukes, thus letting Brussels' civilians live but NATO HQs, certainly, can be dealt with. After all, something like M=20 hypersonic glider Avangard can deal with the issue in purely conventional way.  After all, Avangard is long past R&D stage and is actually deployed on full combat duty. 

The level of recklessness, incompetence and immaturity of current Washington is stunning. It is a collection of spoiled teenagers (despite sometimes advanced ages) who are absolutely unqualified to run such a complex country as the US and they continue to spoil for fight without understanding consequences for themselves. The fact that they don't give a damn about majority of Americans (aka Deplorables) is now well established. So, where does it leave us? It is a complex issue but as the events in Syria testify to, with Russia now really upgrading Air Defenses there, and US fate in Syria being sealed,  I can only forecast for you an increasing number of cognitive dissonances in coming weeks. And yes, Washington has no real answer to any of them. Well, except for that (Yvonne Lorenzo sent me this):
The Last Jedi accusation comes in a new paper by Morton Bay, a Research Fellow at the University of Southern California (George Lucas' alma mater). Bay analyzed all tweets sent directly to Last Jedi director Rian Johnson over a seven month period after the movie's release. 

So, next time you have plumbing broken in your kitchen, know--these are Russians who did it and they need to be "taken out".

UPDATE: Ah, good. Not perfect but good. Let's say--better.
I was not talking about preemptively striking Russia. My point: Russia needs to return to INF Treaty compliance or we will need to match its capabilities to protect US & NATO interests. The current situation, with  Russia in blatant violation, is untenable. 
As per INF Treaty and technologies tied to it--it is the topic for a separate discussion. It is important discussion and it has to be held but there will be no repetition of the "Soviet Union 1.0" willfully surrendering its legitimate national interests and extremely sensitive military technological advantages. In related news--please, try to express yourself clearly next time. Russians do not threaten the US nor like when being threatened.  

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