Tuesday, July 3, 2018

I Was About To Start Writing On...

Putin-Trump summit, as I promised, and then I saw this from Senator Richard Shelby: 

I spent years now trying to deliver this point, I wrote articles, posted on public forums, I, finally, wrote a book and am writing a second one precisely on this issue, trying to point out an actual strategic reality, and where the inception, the Big Bang of the new world order is, and Senator Shelby expressed it in one crucial phrase.

             'US Must View Russia as Superpower'

This is the alpha and omega, this is "2+2=4 everything else follows" Winston Smith's moment. Once this is understood--the game changes and new strategic field opens for the United States. No, I don't expect anything substantial from Putin-Trump summit--the United States today has very little to offer to Russia. But at least, the reality of the multi-polar world begins to sink in and this is a very healthy process. It also, hopefully, will remove the possibility of a major conflict as far as possible. 

It is time to wake up....

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