Friday, July 6, 2018

Belgium, Bravo, Bravo, Bravo!

Dear Belgium, not only you spared us from observing further this cringe-worthy  pathetic wussy Neymar--a national disgrace of Brazil (I doubt they can comprehend this simple fact, or know how a real man and athlete should behave)--but you just reduced World Cup 2018 to Euro 2018 (wink, wink) and I always preferred seeing European football which is superior to Brazilian one. In general, the whole notion of hearing and seeing Brazil boast about how great they always are seemed almost torturous to me. Thank you for sparing me, and, I am 100% sure, millions upon millions of fans world-wide who do not want to see  anymore boy-girl histrionics of Neymar, this Justin Bieber of football. 

Next generation of football players should grow into real athletes and I know many wonderful female athletes and football players who are tougher than this Neymar will ever be. Give credit where the credit is due to these Swiss football hopes and their coach--it is a great practice to mock a pathetic Brazilian clown. That means they know what it is to be a real man in the competition. And let Neymar's ass not to be hit by the door when leaving Russia. He may consider trying for the acting job in order to avoid disgracing the game anymore.

Congratulations, Belgium--totally deserved! Now, tomorrow...   

P.S. For those in Brazil who may read this. The REAL Brazil with both real men and game magicians was in 1982. It was the best Brazilian Team I ever witnessed--Zico, Socrates, Eder. Sadly for Brazil, it was Enzo Bearzott's magical Azzuri who stopped them. But Eder's tears after that loss were the tears of a man and that was outstanding team. But Italy was simply unstoppable in 1982. 

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