Thursday, May 31, 2018

Lie With The Dogs, Get Up With Fleas.

It is a truism, really. I don't eat food laying on the asphalt--the danger of food poisoning is too great and it is highly non-hygienic. It is simply not proper in normal culture to eat trash. This is not the case with bottom-feeding Western media and policy-makers, they love all kind of stinky garbage when it comes to Russia. As a ridiculous Skripal Affair showed--Western political class will have no limitations on how low it will go. Such as specialist in home fireplaces and porcelain dishes who pretends to be United Kingdom's Defense Minister (where is Monty Python when you need one) Gavin Williamson, who in the immediate wake of Skripal's (crude) false flag operation by either (CIA) MI-6 or SBU, or both of them, offered Russia to "go away and shut up" when Russia raised a legitimate issue of this whole affair stinking to heaven and, most likely, being perpetrated by UK itself. 

Now that even notoriously dumb British press started to question the whole thing, in a rare public exhibit of journalist integrity (remember this long ago extinct thing?) Richard Madeley tried to question this mama's boy on his rather insulting rhetoric towards Russia. 

In a public display of imbecility and sleaziness of the Western political class Williamson avoided answering a simple question until he was cut off the air. Hey, at least it is some progress in Western "journalism". Now we all can relax and continue to enjoy another pathetic spectacle with the "murder" of the so called "Russian" journalist Babchenko. It is a delightful spectacle:
I am delighted to observe how these presstitudes (and political clowns) globally eat the shit of their just recent darlings from Ukraine, whom they supported implicitly and explicitly in their Russophobic rage. They also supported Islamic terrorists. They also totally deserved to be paraded globally as a bunch of sensation hungry nobodies who have no integrity or consciousness, ranking lower than honest professional street prostitutes--so, let them have it. Wait until the truth on MH-17 surfaces. As Bernhard of MoA succinctly pointed out:
I have nothing more to add here. 

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