Friday, May 4, 2018

A Very Sensitive Issue.

These are Russian comment which gained most upvotes to a video of the American Green Berets dying in Niger in October 2017. 

не сдались, молодцы, достойно отстреливались. терпения и выносливости Родным,а погибшим-земля пухом. а гневные отзывы-не обращайте внимания,тряпки диванные только пишут и обиженные твари.

Translation: did not give up fellows, valiantly fought back. Patience and endurance to their Relatives, and to the deceased-the earth in down (Russian for--RIP on birds down)). As for angry responses-do not pay attention, only arm-chair door mats and offended low-lifes write them.  

Another one: 

Жаль,по человечески ! Хоть и Амеры но все же солдаты ! 

Translation: so humanly sorry. Although Americans but soldiers. 

Now this from ABC this Wednesday:
The reason this whole story came to my attention was this article in TAC yesterday about surviving US Afghan War veteran. And the word which dominated this piece was "futility". But here is a conundrum, and a moral one for me personally--I supported the US war in Afghanistan even before 9-11, after--that was a no-brainer, but 17 years later what do we have? Apart from idiotic meme of "war on terror" (how one "fights" terror is beyond me) the whole idea that one can and must fight Jihad was completely discredited by US actions in Iraq, Libya and Syria--places where Arab leaders (all right, for politically correct--dictators) were natural allies in this fight, not to mention another "dictator"--a Russian one. All that was squandered for neocon criminal agenda of fighting wars in the ME for the benefit of Israel and Saudi Arabia, while neglecting the fight which must have been waged. In Syria today US almost openly supports Al Qaeda and ISIS outlets. I am not talking about despicable lap-dogs of UK and France. 

But the issue, of course, is much larger than merely operational or tactical--a failure for which four real American heroes paid with their lives. The issue is cultural and social. There are many ways of dealing with them--not just some COIN "strategies" or ideological-political mantras repeated by US policy-makers most of whom never served a day in the uniform but most of whom bear responsibility for the US uselessly squandering all huge pool of the good will, say, Russians had towards the United States in the immediate wake of the 9-11 tragedy. Even here, the United States wanted to stay exceptional and refused to recognize that, no matter how dramatic despicable acts on 9-11 were, Russia by that time was fighting Islamic Jihad international in Northern Caucasus for 7 years, with some 30 000 Russian civilians simply gone as a result of genocide in Chechnya and a string of terrorist acts all over Russia, including taking the whole maternity ward hostage in the town of Budyonnovsk. US media cheered for Chechen "freedom-fighters" and condemned Russian authorities. 

Yet, very few Americans know that Russia made a gift to the United States after 9-11, a monument:

Russians know that the real fight is not futile, it just has to be fought differently--not the way United States did it for the last 17 years. For that, the United States must change dramatically, but will it? I don't know, but it is needed to make sure that the lives of  Staff Sgt. Dustin Wright, 29, Staff Sgt. Bryan Black, 35, an Army support enabler, Staff Sgt. Jeremiah Johnson, 39 and Sgt. La David Johnson, 25 were not lost in vain. The fight is not futile when it has clear goals and real intent. This is my off the caff thought for Friday.

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