Wednesday, April 18, 2018

President Nikki Haley.

Anybody needs any further proof that the country becomes simply rudderless and is run, from legislative to executive, to fourth estate, by amateurs and ambitious ignoramuses? 
There is, of course, a whole hilarity element in all this with former waste management company accountant denying the obvious fact that she, basically, resides in a perpetual confused state but here is the issue: Donald Trump chose himself this cabal of freaks for his cabinet. No one, literally no one, pushed him to chose this aggressive deranged bimbo Haley for an important cabinet position, nor any one twisted Trump's hands in appointing a draft dodger and a war-monger to be his national security adviser. In fact, even Trump's enemies have serious allergy to Mr. Bolton whose only claim to anything national security related is his sitting on some arms limitations negotiations and trying to sabotage them. I will omit here discussing Mike Pompeo, but, generally, even if to consider undeniable sabotage of Trump Administration by the so called establishment (aka Deep State, Borg etc.) the fact is obvious--the whole American state machine is simply broken completely. Trump's Administration is just one of many symptoms of the increasing chaos. But in general, one reaps what one sows. So, no surprise here.  

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