Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Philip Giraldi Delivers.

Phil Giraldi posted today a superb piece on Nikki Haley on UNZ, but it is not just a superb characterization of Haley, given by Phil Giraldi, which attracts the attention--we knew about Nikki more-or-less from the get go and no one with a half-brain can deny the fact of her being fully committed to neocon and AIPAC causes. It is Phil's opening salvo which has to be taken in seriously, because it hits the target:
This is precisely the reason I, at some point of time, started to depart, granted not entirely, from the narrative of the Deep State holding Donald Trump hostage. The picture, actually, is much more complex and Deep State or no Deep State, there is absolutely no doubt at this stage that Donald Trump wasted every single opportunity to use his very substantial POTUS' powers to do what any serious statesman would do--assemble a team of superb professionals. Trump didn't do that--his cabinet is a euphemism for unmitigated disaster both professionally and ideologically and, as I stated before, nobody twisted Trump's hands in his choices for crucial Cabinet positions. The title of Giraldi's piece speaks volumes: Scarier Than John Bolton. For this disaster, Donald Trump has only himself to blame, even when very real facts of Deep State sabotage and pressure are taken into account.   

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