Sunday, March 11, 2018

Update On Kinzhal.

Russian MOD decided to shut down this molasses of butt-hurt speculations by fanboys on actual existence of some weapon systems described in Putin's March 1st speech and published a short video on Kinzhal being launched by regular MiG-31BMs. The video gives some good view of Kinzhal's direct relation to Iskander. Plus, in a typical Russian manner, some additional data was disclosed about guidance and targeting system and EW capabilities of Kinzhal. As was expected it has radar and optronic targeting systems and is capable to work on any surface (ground, sea) targets and yes--nothing can stop Kinzhal.  

As was expected, the video gathered in less than 24 hours three quarters of a million views and a lot of butt-hurt "this all is not real" comments. Interesting fact about all this, however, is that more than 130 MiG-31s are currently in active service (with another 150 or so in storage) and out of those 130 many, probably as many as 50, are updated to BM and the work on modernization continues. Gives some perspective on Salvo Model and capability. 

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