Saturday, August 19, 2017

Sorry For Slowdown

I apologize for not being active in the past week or so, but I am busting my butt in trying to meet a deadline for one publishing house which asked me to present couple more chapters of my book and I am obliging. They seem to be genuinely interested. I will, of course, inform on this ordeal, if it ever ends. My next rather large piece should be in US Naval Institute Blog (guess from three times what it will be about--it starts from aircr...;) this coming week. So, yes--I am not dead yet. For the rest, instead of Friday, I do Saturday's venturing into what truly was good and worthy and it calls for talking to my friend Jim Beam and a lady called Tatiana (vanilla flavor, of course). It just never gets old. For a generation of 1970s and high school dances (named discotheques--it was cooler this way)--how many first kisses or, for that matter, virginities lost, to this timeless masterpiece. Just to give you an impression--it was this new year 2017 celebration in our house. We put this in the living room (I have some powerful stereo) and here it was a bunch of us from USA, Russia, Ukraine dancing with each other and then, doing one of the best collective air-guitar performance of all time, to Joe Walsh's genius transcendental solo. While writing the book, it occurred to me--we are what we all hold dear.

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