Wednesday, April 19, 2017

They Will Not Show This Smile.

Because this innocent child is a "wrong" child, it is Assad's and Russia's child, it is Iran's also. It is a child of those who hate Al Qaeda and ISIS, those who hate "democratic" precision guided bombs and "democratic" terrorists from "opposition" and "rebels", as they are known in the "West". This is a child from those people whose buses have been bombed to smithereens, carrying mostly Shiites, while leaving Aleppo for a safer spot.  See it at 3:13 mark.

The video of this wounded girl should be run non-stop projected on the walls in ambassador's Ford house, in US Capitol, in State Department and in Langley with Pentagon. It also has to be projected at the facade of the White House. This innocent defiance is more powerful than any bombs. It is much more powerful than all Western media lowlifes combined.

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