Friday, September 2, 2016

Joe Biden Is a Disgrace As A Human (Forget Politcian).

This thing caught my attention, while browsing through the news. 

Joe Biden placates a heckler chanting 'my friends died' with 'so did my son' riposte

 That was the phrase which caught my eye: US Vice President Joe Biden silenced a heckler who barracked him during a speech on the Middle East shouting: "My friend died!" He responded: "So did my son."  Does this war-monger, one of the people in US so called "elite", who is responsible for tens of thousands of innocent people's deaths, even know the difference between dying in peace and comfort, surrounded by the best health care in the world, as his son Beau died, and being at the service of his country, doing damn dangerous things under the orders? Here is a catch for me personally, I am an outspoken critic of US both suicidal and homicidal foreign policy, but out of pure professional respect I know what kind of sacrifices those kids from mid-town USA make while serving these mindless sleazebags, such as Clinton or Biden. These are those kids (and I encountered a fair number of those who survived) who come home in stars and stripes covered coffins and fill VA hospitals with horrendous wounds and have their lives ruined forever just because some POS who never experienced anything near what those kids experienced at their age, decided that they know better. They don't, in fact, they know shit. But I do have a feelings towards those kids who died in combat and main of them is always this: too early and for nothing. I do value youth, especially innocent one, unlike Biden I did command people with weapons and they were young, as was I.

Lying, pontificating creep such as Biden, trying to silence the guy whose friends most likely did die in the field for nothing, but monstrous egos and contrived BS ideologies of Belt Way wussies, has no fvcking right to compare an unfortunate death of his son from cancer with the kids who in their early 20-s or 30s have their limbs blown off, are burned beyond recognition, suffer concussions which lead to heaviest forms of PTSD--all that for no good reason. US Armed Forces will have what is coming to them, but US Vice President Biden, who qualifies really well as war criminal and who would shit his pants if ever experiencing bogeys shooting at him (try also when you are not allowed to return the fire--it is from my personal experience) is not only a pathetic liar but should fall on his knees and beg for forgiveness from thousands upon thousands people who died in foreign lands because of his "political career" decisions. He also should crawl in a front of the kids from US Army who gave their lives for his mad ambition, corruption and stupidy. I know US political system is going down, the signs of it are everywhere, but Biden's behavior has no name--it is below any, even lowest, standard of morality and in the end--it is behavior of a coward, who Joe Biden certainly is. Comparing a death of a soldier in combat to a health care inability to cure malaise is unconscionable.

P.S. Frankly, I don't give a shit about his son's death--it is the Bidens' internal thing. I do, however, give a damn when I see a kid from some unremarkable family from my town (or from afar) who in his early 20s doesn't have legs or a hand. I saw this before, in my other life but this is my personal journey. 



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