Saturday, March 28, 2015

This Is More Like it

Amidst the stream of worrying news, the glimmer of hope. I guess people who have practical tasks to work with are way more sensible, not to mention on the different thinking plane, especially when it is about space exploration. NASA and Roscosmos agreed to build a new ISS and to coordinate efforts in preparation to Mars mission. How 'bout that--it is cool, it is necessary from every point of view, be it economics, science or, even, geopolitics. It is all for the better, because in space exploration there are only two entities: first--US and Russia, and second--the rest of the world. It is only natural for two countries to cooperate in such a massive endeavor. 

I wonder if John McCain or Vicki Nuland (and her hubby) will have aneurisms. 

As they say--God Speed, or Poekhali. 

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